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Firepoint Technologies


To meet the challenge of the ever-changing regulations for fire and life safety compliance within buildings, property management and their operators must have an accurate set of guidelines, measures, and practices for minimizing the probable loss of life or property resulting from a fire.

By establishing key elements, correctly identifying the fire hazard controls, maintaining fire equipment systems and adhering to auditing standards, detailed statistics for health & safety issues may be analyzed and brought forward to senior management for further attention or corrective measures.

Our on-site audit incorporate a review of critical records including fire drills, evidence to support inspections, documented results of tests performed on fire safety equipment, an evaluation of the fire safety plan and review of supervisory team procedures. These provide building stake-holders with a comprehensive deficiency report and recommend remedial actions to achieve current fire code requirements.

» Means of Egress & Stairwells
» Evacuation Procedures & Fire Drills
» Extinguishers, Hoses & Nozzles
» Fire Hydrant & Post Indicators
» Emergency Lighting & Exit Fixtures
» Fire Fighter Elevator & Fire Ratings
» Fire Alarm, Sprinklers & Standpipe
» Fire Safety Plan & Emergency Signage
» Fire Resistance & Fire Separation
» Flammable Materials & Containment
» Special Fire Suppression System
» Inspection & Test Report Examination

Associated Partnerships
Nadine International Inc, Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario and an ISO 9001 registered, providing comprehensive engineering services in the field of Life Safety, Fire Protection, Building and Fire Code Compliance. Qualified and experienced professionals committed to the principles of safety and property conservation by applying advanced technology to all applicable Codes and Standards.

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