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We were incorporated in 1997.

We develop fire safety plans in accordance with both provincially and federally regulated buildings.

We create building floor plan evacuation maps, which also indicate Fire Department access routes and site plans.

We provide the service for fire safety plan submission to local Fire Departments and follow through to the point of approval.

We deliver essential solutions to building management for implementation of precise occupant evacuation procedures.

Bulletin 283 December 2022 Building Smoke Containment Systems
- Posted: 7 February 2023 22:56:58

Although its a rarity that fires occur in multiple locations of a building at the same time, the possibility of spreading smoke may annunciate multipliable area zones on the fire alarm control panel. The danger associated with the early stage fires may not be the flame, but the smoke and noxious gases produced by the …

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Bulletin 282 November 2022 Auditing Your Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 7 February 2023 22:50:38

Each approved fire safety plan includes the code requirements for the inspection and testing of the fire alarm and sprinkler systems, as well as the maintenance to be performed on equipment such as the fire extinguishers, standpipe hoses, emergency lighting units and exit fixtures. Special guidelines are described pertaining to the auditing requirement of the …

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Bulletin 281 October 2022 Fire Alarm System Audible and Visual Devices
- Posted: 7 February 2023 22:48:18

In times of building fire emergencies, it is essential that the building management have the most up to date information contained in their fire safety plan. Emergency fire evacuations certainly can be very stressful, and in some cases may lead to panic as a result of the evacuees becoming overwhelmed. Key components of the fire …

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Bulletin 280 September 2022 Conducting Building Fire Drills
- Posted: 26 August 2022 21:45:32

Whether required for a new or existing building, an approved fire safety plan contains the emergency evacuation procedures which are so vital to allow occupants to safely exit in a timely manner, should a fire situation occur in the building. This section includes the methods for sounding the fire alarm system, notifying the local fire …

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Bulletin 279 August 2022 Measures of an Effective Fire Safety Fire
- Posted: 26 August 2022 21:44:24

There are many critical particulars to identify within an existing fire safety plan, such as the presence of fire hazards in the building, the availability of human oversight in the event of an emergency fire evacuation, and the operability of the fire alarm/sprinkler systems. Performing an internal audit will permit building operators and managers to …

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Bulletin 278 July 2022 Planning for a Building Evacuation
- Posted: 26 August 2022 21:40:52

When fire emergencies occur, the main objective is for the occupants to evacuate the building in a timely and orderly manner. Equally important is to limit the confusion and possible panic experienced by the building evacuees. To assist the building management team, operators and owners, the approved fire safety plan does outline the building supervisory …

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Bulletin 277 June 2022 Building Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems
- Posted: 12 July 2022 20:23:33

A fire safety plan is designed to account for the unique characteristics and classifications of each building, the occupant loads, means of egress, floor plan evacuation schematics, emergency contacts, persons requiring assistance etc. Whether it be building employees, tenants, or anyone who may enter and occupy the building facility, it is a requirement that fire …

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Bulletin 276 May 2022 Ensuring Effectiveness of a Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 12 July 2022 20:22:28

An approved fire safety plan contains multiple sections including but not limited to instructions for its implementation, the schedule for maintaining the building fire and life safety systems, and illustrations for the floor layouts, exits, stairwells and placement of fire extinguishers, manual fire alarm pull stations, etc. In addition, the fire safety plan outlines the …

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Bulletin 275 April 2022 Building Supervisory Staff and Floor Wardens
- Posted: 12 July 2022 20:19:52

One of the many purposes of an approved fire safety plan is to enhance the level of awareness among the owners, operators and managers of buildings. Whether for commercial or residential high-rises, institutional or industrial classifications, the goal is to lessen the risk to the occupants in the event a fire emergency arises. For this …

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Bulletin 274 March 2022 The Role of Fire Wardens in a Building
- Posted: 29 March 2022 13:51:35

For the most part, building fire wardens are volunteers and must be very familiar with the fire procedures and escape routes in their building. In most cases, if safe to do so, they will be the last person to leave their designated area of the building, which rarely extends beyond one floor. Normally, fire wardens …

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Bulletin 273 February 2022 Emergency Back-up Power for Buildings
- Posted: 29 March 2022 13:48:51

Having reliable back-up electricity during a power outage is an integral part of highrise commercial and residential buildings, large industrial complexes and institutional occupancies. This back up power source is capable of operating under supervisory conditions to provide electricity to the essential equipment in a building, such as the emergency voice/alarm communications systems, exit fixtures …

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Bulletin 272 January 2022 Common Elements of Fire Safety Plans
- Posted: 17 January 2022 17:11:46

A fire in a building can present significant safety threats to the occupants, regardless of whether at the place of business or residential complex. Without detailed consideration of the fire prevention strategy, risks may be unnoticed or in some cases underestimated. The fact is that fire safety consists of bringing forward risk awareness by providing …

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Bulletin 271 December 2021 Fire Safety Plan Provisions
- Posted: 1 December 2021 15:57:11

Fire safety plans are designed to minimize the threats associated with building fire evacuations, and to provide occupants with safety directives as these emergencies arise. Each plan describes advance fire safety measures, supervisory staff duties, and guidelines to ensure the effectiveness and full utilization of the fire and life safety features installed in the building. …

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Bulletin 270 November 2021 Building Fire Separation and Closures
- Posted: 12 November 2021 17:02:12

It is not uncommon for fire officials to periodically visit buildings to ensure that the required checks, inspections and tests are being carried out as outlined in the city approved fire safety plan. As per the fire code, there are specific mandatory requirements for checking, inspecting and testing the fire safety equipment in buildings, as …

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Bulletin 269 October 2021 Fire Safety Manuals
- Posted: 4 October 2021 21:26:53

A fire safety plan is considered by most property managers as being one of their most valued go to manuals. It is one of the most comprehensive fire safety documents for the building and will be referenced continually throughout the year. Although newly created or existing fire safety plans bear the stamp of approval by …

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Bulletin 268 September 2021 – Building Floor Warden Roles & Responsibilities
- Posted: 8 September 2021 20:52:00

It would be very convenient if occupants of all buildings could follow the same set of fire evacuation procedures when the fire alarm system sounds in the building. While there are common elements in all fire evacuations, the actual procedures are always customized for each building. This is because there is such a diverse range …

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Bulletin 267 August 2021 Identifying Building Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
- Posted: 2 August 2021 07:12:31

From establishing the safe haven areas for evacuees, outlining the locations of the emergency shutdowns for

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Bulletin 266 July 2021 Occupant Evacuation Solutions for Buildings
- Posted: 1 July 2021 07:29:55

An approved fire safety plan specifies the classification of the building and fire protection designs implemented

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Bulletin 265 June 2021 Fire Evacuation and Outside Assembly Areas
- Posted: 1 June 2021 07:42:36

One of the most critical components of the fire safety plan for building operators, property managers and business

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Bulletin 264 May 6 2021 Implementing Building Fire Safety Provisions
- Posted: 1 May 2021 07:49:40

One of the main strategies of an approved fire safety plan is to ensure building occupants are able to evacuate

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Bulletin 263 April 2021 Swift Building Evacuations
- Posted: 1 April 2021 07:36:31

As provincial commerce slowly edges upward, business owners are seeking to bring steadiness to their operation

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Bulletin 262 March 2021 Mandatory Fire Drills
- Posted: 1 March 2021 07:52:02

During the current pandemic, conducting fire drills certainly has become an ongoing top of discussion amongst

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Bulletin 261 February 2021 Emergency Evacuation Readiness in a Building
- Posted: 1 February 2021 07:56:34

There is no doubt that fire and smoke can spread quickly throughout a building, calling for a quick

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Bulletin 260 January 2021 Building Evacuation Strategy
- Posted: 1 January 2021 07:40:09

The building codes of today outline steps to minimizing the spread of flames and smoke in buildings,

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Bulletin 259 December 2020 Preparing for Fire Evacuations at Workplaces
- Posted: 1 December 2020 07:54:00

Rarely does it cross one’s mind of the possible need to evacuate a workplace as a result of a fire situation.

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Bulletin 258 November 2020 Fire Watch Building Personnel
- Posted: 2 November 2020 12:19:38

It is not uncommon forbuilding fire alarm control panels, sprinkler risers, standpipes, etc.

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Bulletin 257 October 2020 Relevant Emergency Evacuation Procedures
- Posted: 2 October 2020 13:25:40

After developing even the finest fire safety plan, implementation of its contents is imperative should a fire

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Bulletin 256 September 21 2020 Evaluating Building Fire Drills
- Posted: 2 September 2020 12:13:05

The proactive approach to formulating the response to a fire emergency is to develop the readiness measures before a fire occurs.

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Bulletin 256 September 21 2020 Evaluating Building Fire Drills
- Posted: 1 September 2020 08:02:06

The proactive approach to formulating the response to a fire emergency is to develop the readiness measures before a fire occurs.

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August 2020 Bulletin 255 Ensuring an Effective Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 2 August 2020 13:08:29

Although the preparation of fire safety planning for buildings may have undergone a shift in focus as a result of

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Bulletin 254 July 2020 The Importance of Maintaining an Accurate Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 2 July 2020 13:04:31

he moment the fire alarm system has been activated, it is of the utmost importance that all elected building

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Bulletin 253 June 2020 Fire Alarm Early Warning Systems
- Posted: 1 June 2020 08:00:09

Whether a newly erected or aging structure, the evacuation (or evac) sequence of operations programmed into the fire alarm system

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Bulletin 252 May 2020 Fire Safety Plan Pre-Review
- Posted: 2 May 2020 13:28:09

As building management firms begin to restore their full operational abilities during these unprecedented times,

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Bulletin 251 March-April 2020 Evacuation Readinessfor Building Occupants
- Posted: 1 April 2020 13:30:55

No matter the type of building,whether itis recently constructed or an agingstructure, property operatorsand

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Bulletin 250 February 2020 Fire Safety Plans: Approval and Implementation
- Posted: 1 February 2020 13:38:31

Newly constructed buildingswhich are deemed under the fire code as requiring a fire safety plan are to have an

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Bulletin 249 January 2020 Managing Fire Hazards in Buildings
- Posted: 1 January 2020 13:42:32

Whether for a newly constructedor existing building, a major objective of every building management team is to work

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Bulletin 248 December 2019 Fire Safety Manuals
- Posted: 1 December 2019 13:45:07

Whether an existing or newly constructed building, each fire safety planisa comprehensive set of documentswhich

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Bulletin 247 November 2019 Building Evacuation Solutions
- Posted: 1 November 2019 13:48:38

Although, without a doubt, workplace building fires have the possibility of exposing occupants to dangerous situations, this threat may easily be compounded by fear or confusion that put them at further risk. It is

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Bulletin 234 October Identifying the Building Fire Hazards
- Posted: 1 October 2019 16:06:28

Identifying the fire hazards in a residential or commercial building in advance is a huge asset to the property

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Bulletin 245 October 2019 Innovations in Fire and Smoke Detection Reduce False Alarms
- Posted: 1 October 2019 13:50:53

It has often been said that just because building occupants can’t see flames or smell smoke, it doesn’t necessarily

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Bulletin 245 September 2019 Ensuring Smoke-Free Passage During A Building Evacuation
- Posted: 1 September 2019 13:57:12

Ultimately the objective of evacuations when a fire strikes in a building is to ensure safe passage of occupants to

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Bulletin 224 August 2019 Fire Hazards in a Building
- Posted: 1 August 2019 13:55:09

Whether inan industrial or residential occupancy, fire emergencies can occur at anytimethroughout the building

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Bulletin 243 July 2019 Building Fire Evacuation Measures
- Posted: 1 July 2019 13:52:59

Although a typical fire safety plan contains a broad range of requirements, its main emphasis is to provide

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Bulletin 242 June 2019 Safeguarding Building Occupants
- Posted: 1 June 2019 14:00:57

Unfortunately, no one can predict when a fire emergency will present itself. It is critical for the building owner

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Bulletin 241 May 2019 Safe Means Of Occupant Evacuation
- Posted: 1 May 2019 14:07:53

Whether for a commercial or residential high-rise, public assembly or industrial building, fire safety planning is

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Bulletin 240 April 2019 Building Occupant Evacuation Readiness
- Posted: 1 April 2019 14:05:29

Fire safety plans do not necessarily have to be lengthy or even complex, however they are to be designed so that

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Bulletin 239 March 2019 Planning for Unexpected Building Evacuations
- Posted: 1 March 2019 14:10:09

There can be a variety of emergencies in buildings. Disorganized evacuations result in confusion and put occupants

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Bulletin 238 February 2019 Building Evacuation of Persons Requiring Assistance
- Posted: 1 February 2019 14:19:46

Although changes may not have been made to the physical building over time, changes to the list of building

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Bulletin 237 January 2019 First & Second Stage Fire Alarm Audibles
- Posted: 1 January 2019 14:12:25

Most building operators can relate to a host of fire alarm conditions which can occur, leading to the evacuation of

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Bulletin 226 December 2018 12-Month Fire Safety Plan Review
- Posted: 1 December 2018 12:21:56

As the New Year approaches, some building operators are considering reviewing and updating their fire safety plans. One of the most popular

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Bulletin 235 November 2018 EnhancingFire Safety Awareness for Tenants
- Posted: 1 November 2018 12:33:29

It is of the upmost importance for the elected supervisory floor wardens to be thoroughly familiar with the building fire

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Bulletin 233 September 2018 Fire Safety Plan Annual Review
- Posted: 1 September 2018 14:17:47

Depending on their size and classification, some buildings are seemingly in a constant state of change with

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Bulletin 232 August 2018 Building Fire Watch
- Posted: 1 August 2018 14:15:18

Thefirecoderequiresthatbuildingsequippedwithfirealarmsystemsaretobefullyoperationalatall times. However,

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Bulletin 231 July 2018 Occupant Evacuation Readiness and the FSP
- Posted: 1 July 2018 14:29:36

Ensuring that a Fire Safety Plan (FSP) is up to date as deemed necessary, at increments no greater than 12 months,

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Bulletin 230 June 2018 Preparing for Building Emergencies
- Posted: 1 June 2018 14:24:11

Although building codes contain sizing requirements for exit ways and corridors to ensure that the maximum number

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Bulletin 129 May 2018 Becoming Familiar with Fire Emergency Procedures
- Posted: 1 May 2018 11:42:26

Whether one owns or manages a building, the responsibility of identifying all potential risks for fires is a high priority. By far,

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Bulletin 228 April 2018 Building Escape Routes
- Posted: 1 April 2018 14:21:58

Building management must maintain clear paths of escape, a sufficient number of suitably protected exit ways,

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Bulletin 227 March 2018 Planning for Building Fire Evacuations.
- Posted: 1 March 2018 14:26:24

While there are common elements in all building fire evacuations, the actual procedures will almost always be

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Bulletin 226 February 2018 Advanced Evacuation Readiness
- Posted: 1 February 2018 14:32:10

When updating a fire safety plan (FSP), the first step is to locate the workable copy, whether in soft or hard copy

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Bulletin 225 January 2018 Fire Safety Planning for the New Year
- Posted: 1 January 2018 14:37:45

As the new year gets underway, it is an absolute must to ensure that the contents of the fire safety plan (FSP) are up to date.

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Bulletin 224 November 2017 Smoke and Fire Controls in a Building
- Posted: 1 November 2017 14:40:53

The means of egressdepicted on the floor plan drawings ofan approved fire safety plan (FSP) should be the first choice for

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Bulletin 223 October 2017 Emergency Preparedness and the Building FSP
- Posted: 1 October 2017 14:35:01

For the most part, the goal of a residential or commercial business operator is to ensure the satisfaction and safety of their occupants.

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Bulletin 222 September 2017 Emergency Preparedness and the Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 1 September 2017 07:06:28

Understanding the sections of the fire safety plan (FSP) pertaining to the building occupant

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Bulletin 221 August 2017 Mitigating the Unpredictability of Building Emergencies
- Posted: 1 August 2017 14:49:45

Sooner or later one can expect a building evacuation to take place, whether it be a real alert or false alarm. The fact is that

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Bulletin 220 July 2017 Maintaining Clear Exit Ways
- Posted: 1 July 2017 14:47:24

The first priority for building operators and property managers is to ensure that occupants can safely exit a building

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Bulletin 219 June 2017 Reviewing Your Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 1 June 2017 14:52:29

Given that a fire safety plan (FSP) is to be reviewed at intervals of no greater than twelve months, some advance

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Bulletin 218 May 2017 Fire System Interruption
- Posted: 30 May 2017 14:43:17

The term “fire watch” as outlined in the approved fire safety plan (FSP) relates to the role of a pre-designated

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Bulletin 217 April 2017 Ensuring the Integrity of Fire Barriers and Successful Evacuations
- Posted: 1 April 2017 14:55:01

Overall, fire and life safety planning is a critical component of any building. The planning approach for the most

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Bulletin 216 March 2017 Readiness for Building Emergencies
- Posted: 1 March 2017 14:59:29

A building’s fire safety plan (FSP) must clearly and precisely lay out the essential responsibilities of all personnel concerned,

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Bulletin 214 January 2017 Effectiveness ofBuilding Fire and Smoke Barriers.
- Posted: 1 January 2017 15:03:23

Inmost buildings over time, the fire and smoke-resistant assemblies may be affected by renovations.

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Bulletin 213 December 2016 Keeping Fire Safety Plans Current
- Posted: 1 December 2016 14:57:14

Ensuring the contents of a fire safety plan (FSP) are up to date is an absolutely must, and the FSP is required by the fire

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Bulletin 213 December 2016 Keeping Fire Safety Plans Current
- Posted: 1 December 2016 05:53:18

Ensuring the fire safety plans (FSP) contents is up to date is an absolutely must and is required by code to be

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Bulletin 212 November 2016 Fire Drill Planning
- Posted: 1 November 2016 06:58:43

For the most part, building operators place the emphasis on fire drill evacuations being smooth and orderly

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Bulletin 211 October 2016 Occupant Evacuations from Buildings
- Posted: 1 October 2016 05:55:40

The one of the first priorities of building operators is to ensure that all occupants have safely exited the

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Bulletin 210 September 2016 Reliable Back-Up Power Systems
- Posted: 1 September 2016 05:36:49

Duringtherecenthotweatherspells,reportsstreamedfromvariouspartsof theprovinceregardingpower outageswherebythousandsofcustomers

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Bulletin 209 August 2016 Fire Safety Plans: Preparation for Occupant Evacuations
- Posted: 1 August 2016 05:58:04

As outlined in the provincial regulations, once a fire emergency is underway within a building there must be a safe

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Bulletin 207 June 2016 Starting Points for Updating Your Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 1 June 2016 06:10:52

Over the few past weeks, several of our readers have written to inquire which sections in their fire safety plan require regular updates.

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Bulletin 206 May 2016 Priorities in Fire Safety Planning
- Posted: 1 May 2016 06:13:34

In the event of a fire, whether it occurs at the workplace or in the home, the priority is to ensure that everyone can quickly reach

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Bulletin 205 April 205 Fire Evacuation Procedures and the Role of Designated Fire Wardens
- Posted: 1 April 2016 06:05:35

It would be very convenient if all buildings required the same set of fire evacuation procedures. While there are

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Bulletin 204 March 2016 Preparing for an Emergency Fire Evacuation
- Posted: 1 March 2016 06:08:09

The start of any fire must be detected as quickly as possible, and certainly before it can make all escape routes

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Bulletin 203 February 2016 rev1 The Road Map to Fire Safety
- Posted: 1 February 2016 06:15:54

It certainly is no wonder that a fire safety plan is one of the most comprehensive set of documents in the building.

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Bulletin 202 December 2015 Fire Watch Procedures for Buildings
- Posted: 1 December 2015 06:21:39

An approved fire safety plan does contain guidelines in the event that the automatic fire systems are off-line for any reason whatsoever

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Bulletin 201 November 2015 Planning for Occupant Evacuations
- Posted: 1 November 2015 06:25:54

It is critical to review the fire and life safety equipment listed in the audit summary of the approved fire safety plan (FSP).

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Bulletin 200 October 2015 Building Evacuation Readiness
- Posted: 1 October 2015 06:18:32

Various fire and life safety studies have emerged over the last decade which outline the complexities and potentially

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Bulletin 199 September 2015 Building Backup Power Systems
- Posted: 1 September 2015 06:37:19

It seems rather remote when one recalls the blackout which occurred in August of 2003, when millionsof people suddenly were faced

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Bulletin 198 August 2015 Familiarizing Occupants withSafe Evacuation Procedures
- Posted: 1 August 2015 06:28:25

It is critical to conduct regular fire drills to ensure that all the occupants are fully prepared should a real emergency

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Bulletin 197 July 2015 HVAC Smoke Detection Systems
- Posted: 1 July 2015 06:30:33

Now that the summer has arrived, we often hear the comment that “it’s not the heat, but the humidity”. In simple terms,

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Bulletin 196 June 2015 Promoting Workplace Fire & Life Safety
- Posted: 1 June 2015 06:33:11

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety plans

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Bulletin 195 May 2015 Evacuation Challenges for Building Occupants
- Posted: 1 May 2015 06:34:47

Although each building is different, the latest construction technologies and design features allow increased time for occupants

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Bulletin 194 April 2015 Fire Safety Risk Assessments
- Posted: 1 April 2015 06:40:37

In today’s fast-paced business world, regular assessments of the fire safety risks in a commercial building are often postponed

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Bulletin 192 February 2015 Essentials of Fire Safety
- Posted: 1 February 2015 06:49:01

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety plans for newly

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Bulletin 191 January 2015 Roles of elected Fire Wardens and Supervisory Staff
- Posted: 1 January 2015 06:43:16

Despite the false fire alarms which occur in buildings throughout the year, management personnel must ensure that the tenants/occupants

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Bulletin 190 December 2014 Implementing Building Fire Watch Procedures
- Posted: 1 December 2014 12:30:42

Descriptions of a building’s fire alert detection systems and their periodic maintenance requirements are provided in the fire

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Bulletin 189 November 2014 Pre-Planning For Emergency Evacuation of a Building
- Posted: 1 November 2014 06:58:48

Although a fire safety plan that is implemented properly can mean the difference between organized escape and panic,

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Bulletin 188 October 2014 Fire Hydrants: An Important Roadside Monument
- Posted: 1 October 2014 06:50:22

Over the last few centuries, having access to water for the purpose of fire-fighting has presented challenges. Water has always

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Bulletin 187 September 2014 Protected Means of Egress
- Posted: 1 September 2014 07:02:12

The start of any fire must be detected as quickly as possible, and certainly before it can make the means of escape unusable.

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Bulletin 186 August 2014 Managing Building Occupant Evacuations
- Posted: 1 August 2014 06:47:03

Planning for an evacuation requiresdetailed knowledge of howgeneral evacuation procedures can be adapted to a variety of circumstances.

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Bulletin 185 July 2014 Essentials of Occupant Evacuations
- Posted: 1 July 2014 07:04:28

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety plans

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Bulletin 184 June 2014 The Road Map to Fire Safety
- Posted: 1 June 2014 09:27:42

It certainly is no wonder that a fire safety plan is one of the most comprehensive set of documents in the building.

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Bulletin 184 June 2014 The Road Map to Fire Safety
- Posted: 1 June 2014 07:06:05

It certainly is no wonder that a fire safety plan is one of the most comprehensive set of documents in the building.

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Bulletin 183 May 2014 Building Evacuation Routes
- Posted: 1 May 2014 07:08:24

Although it is difficult to predict whether a building will ever have a serious or life-threatening fire, it is essential that fire

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Bulletin 182 April 2014 False Fire Alarms.
- Posted: 1 April 2014 07:25:45

A key requirement in a building is to ensure that fire alarm systems are fully-functional at all times, so that occupants

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Bulletin 181 March 2014 Implementation of Your Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 1 March 2014 07:23:11

Once the building management team obtains their newly-approved fire safety plan, or one which was re-submitted after areview,

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Bulletin 180 February 2014 Building Fire Watch Procedures
- Posted: 1 February 2014 07:18:43

In the event critical fire and life safety systems are temporarily out of service, the fire department requires building operators

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Bulletin 179 January 2014 Out of Service Building Life Safety Systems
- Posted: 1 January 2014 07:28:00

The maintenance of fire and life safety is an integral part of every building management team’s responsibilities. This is closely

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Bulletin 178 December 2013 The Importance of Preparing for an Evacuation
- Posted: 1 December 2013 07:21:02

As we may have read in the papers or seen on the news, an emergency evacuation can be a complex and potentially dangerous task,

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Bulletin 177 November 2013 Developing an Effective Fire Safety Strategy
- Posted: 1 November 2013 08:17:44

Despite the provisions for fire protection specified in our fire safety codes, walls with openings have inherently less fire resistance

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Bulletin 176 October 2013 Managing an Unexpected Evacuation
- Posted: 1 October 2013 08:21:46

The need for an evacuation is not necessarily due to a catastrophic event, but is usually a response that ensures the protection

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Bulletin 175 August 2013 Preparing for a Safe EvacuationofBuilding Occupants
- Posted: 1 August 2013 08:19:42

Fire safety plans enhance the level of awareness among the tenants of a building, which is vital for their survival in the event of a fire

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Bulletin 173 July 2013 Management Responsibilities in Emergency Situations
- Posted: 1 July 2013 08:15:18

Although each fire safety plan outlines the procedures to follow in an emergency, it is critical to managethe hazards in a building prior

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Bulletin 172 June 2013Periodic Maintenance of Fire & Life Safety Equipment
- Posted: 1 June 2013 08:12:33

Regular maintenance, periodic inspection and testing of fire protection systems and equipment are essential to safeguarding

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Bulletin 171 May 2013 Occupant Fire Safety Awareness
- Posted: 1 May 2013 08:25:35

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety

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Bulletin 169 March 2013 Designated Building Supervisory Personnel
- Posted: 1 March 2013 08:23:46

Customized to your building and its characteristics, a fire safety plan outlines the designation of the emergency response supervisory staff

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Bulletin 168 February 2013 Fire Drills and Floor Warden Training Programs
- Posted: 1 February 2013 08:32:05

As management-elected and trained volunteers, fire wardens ensure that occupants in an assigned area evacuate the building or are positioned

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Bulletin 167 January 2013 Emergency Evacuation Planning
- Posted: 1 January 2013 08:35:56

In order to minimize risks in occupied buildings, it is essential to plan for emergency evacuations and to conduct regular fire drills.

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Bulletin 166 December 2012 In Case of Fire
- Posted: 1 December 2012 08:29:34

Fire precautions and procedures for the evacuation of the workplace are an integral part of every building’s fire safety plan.

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Bulletin 165 November 2012 Identifying Building Occupant Risks
- Posted: 1 November 2012 08:38:11

Once a building manager has read their approved fire safety plan, the key personnel of the building must be properly trained

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Bulletin 164 October 2012 Priorities in Fire Safety Planning.
- Posted: 1 October 2012 08:34:03

In the event of a fire, whether it occurs at the workplace or in the home, the priority is to ensure that everyone can quickly

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Bulletin 163 September 2012 Preparing for a Successful Emergency Fire Evacuation
- Posted: 1 September 2012 08:40:21

In order for the emergency response portion of the fire safety plan to be effectively implemented, all employees must understand the important

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Bulletin 162 August 2012 Utilizing Current Technology for Occupant Evacuations
- Posted: 31 August 2012 08:43:03

An approved fire safety plan clearly defines the evacuation procedures and processes which are fundamentalin preparing for an emergency fire situation.

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Bulletin 161 July 2012 The Role of a Designated Fire Warden
- Posted: 1 July 2012 09:29:51

Ideally, it would be very convenient if all buildings had the same set of fire evacuation procedures. While there are common

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Bulletin 160 June 2012 Preparing for an Emergency Fire Evacuation
- Posted: 1 June 2012 08:45:27

The start of any fire must be detected as quickly as possible, and certainly before it can make all means of escape impassable.

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Bulletin 159 May 2012 Maintaining Building Fire and Smoke Dampers
- Posted: 1 May 2012 08:47:34

An approved fire safety plan is required by code as part of the fire and life safety program in a building. It is a key document which facilities managers must

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Bulletin 157 March 2012 Critical Role of Fire Hydrants
- Posted: 1 March 2012 09:33:35

Although there have been many improvements in the design of fire hydrants over the decades, their main role continues to be supplying water

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Bulletin 156 February 2012 Familiarizing Building Occupants With Means Of Egress
- Posted: 1 February 2012 09:45:32

Although we are in the middle of the winter season, it is still necessary to hold regular fire drills. This is not only for compliance with the fire code,

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Bulletin 155 January 2012 New Technology Controlling False Fire Alarms
- Posted: 1 January 2012 09:49:29

Now that a new year has arrived, many building operators are reminded of the need to conduct annual maintenance and testing of their

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Bulletin 154 December 2011 Workplace Evacuation Readiness
- Posted: 1 December 2011 09:51:55

Most workplaces with buildings or fixed structures are likely to require an emergency evacuation at some point in time, so workplace safety

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Bulletin 153 November 2011 Starting Points for Updating Your Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 1 November 2011 09:47:22

Over these few past months, several of our readers have written to inquire which sections in their fire safety plan require regular

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Bulletin 152 October 2011 Preparing for an Emergency Evacuation
- Posted: 1 October 2011 06:27:30

Although an approved fire safety plan contains the ingredients for compliance with the fire code

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Bulletin 150 August 2011 Part 2, Duct Smoke Detectors: Maintenance and Inspection”.
- Posted: 1 August 2011 09:56:41

Several types of smoke detection devices can be used for duct applications. These include smoke detector sensors within a housing

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Bulletin 150 August 2011 Part 1 Duct Smoke Detectors: Protecting Air Movement Systems in Buildings
- Posted: 1 August 2011 07:25:59

Now that the hot weather is upon us, seasonal humidity can play havoc with fire alarm systems and their connected devices.

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Bulletin 149 July 2011 Building Fire Drill Training
- Posted: 1 July 2011 09:53:49

While facility managers are unable to foresee every event that will require the tenants/occupants of their building to evacuate,

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Bulletin 148 June 2011 Security – Protecting People and Assets
- Posted: 1 June 2011 09:58:55

Alarm companies are just as aware of costs as any other business. Their central stations often cover thousands of customers,

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Bulletin 147 May 2011 Security & Assets
- Posted: 1 May 2011 11:08:59

Industrial security is one of the services that is necessary to safeguard people and property. Methods of protection

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Bulletin 146 April 2011 Learning Safety through Simulation
- Posted: 1 April 2011 12:27:06

Simulation has been available for training purposes for many years. Some of the first simulators were created in the aviation industry

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Bulletin 144 February 2011 Making Our Workplace Safer
- Posted: 1 February 2011 07:32:43

Canada’s workplaces became safer following the implementation of WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System),

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Bulletin 143 January 2011 Electromagnetic Locking System Tests, Inspections, and Maintenance
- Posted: 1 January 2011 11:04:27

Electromagnetic locking devices are intended for use where there is a need for access control or a level of security beyond

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Bulletin 142 December 2010 Vital Components of a Fire Safety Plan
- Posted: 1 December 2010 10:01:09

Over this past year, many of our readers have requested an outline of the key sections within a typical fire safety plan,

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Bulletin 141 November 2010 Overloading Electrical Circuits
- Posted: 1 November 2010 11:02:14

Computer room fire protection is a top priority in the design of a data centre. Today’s data centres and computer rooms are under

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Bulletin 140 October 2010 Fire Watch Implementation
- Posted: 1 October 2010 11:31:02

Over the last few months, many readers have asked if we could provide more details regarding fire watch procedures. In the event

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Bulletin 139 September 2010 Building Occupant’s Means of Escape
- Posted: 1 September 2010 12:24:26

In order to properly assess the risk to building occupants during a fire, it helps to have an appreciation of the risks that would be

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Bulletin 138 August 2010 First Aid & CPR: Why Get Trained
- Posted: 1 August 2010 11:27:18

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety plans

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Bulletin 136 June 2010 Fire Wardens: Preparing for the Role
- Posted: 1 June 2010 11:24:50

These difficult economic times certainly have business operators searching for ways to reduce expenditures and keep accounts

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Bulletin 135 May 2010 Preparing for the Real Fire Emergency
- Posted: 1 May 2010 11:22:36

With the ever-changing fire code legislation, many business operators are subject to an increased burden of responsibility.

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Bulletin 133 March 2010 Individuals Reacting To Fire
- Posted: 1 March 2010 11:11:27

In a life-threatening situation, such as a fire with smoke and toxic fumes, people are at risk because their behavior is unpredictable.

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Bulletin 132 March 2010 Unexpected Evacuations
- Posted: 1 March 2010 06:39:12

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety plans

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Bulletin 132 February 2010 Unexpected Fire Evacuations
- Posted: 1 February 2010 12:36:55

This article was contributed by Firepoint Inc, serving the GTA since 1997, developing fire department approved fire safety plans

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Bulletin 131 January 2010 Emergency Exits
- Posted: 1 January 2010 11:39:39

Implementing fire prevention without full consideration of all inter-related factors may prevent a suitable or sufficient emergency

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Bulletin 130 December 2009 Fire Separation Features in Buildings
- Posted: 1 December 2009 11:36:52

Building owners and operators would ideally prefer to prevent fires from ever starting at their premises. Unfortunately,

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Bulletin 129 November 2009 Fire Safety Plan Budgeting
- Posted: 1 November 2009 11:33:34

During these tough economic times, it is increasingly important for business managers to examine operating costs in detail and determine

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Bulletin 128 October 2009 Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers
- Posted: 1 October 2009 11:56:46

Storage occupancies have prevailed as being one of the most challenging and diverse environments in which to protect against fire.

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Bulletin 127 September 2009 Keeping a Grip on Workplace Safety – JHSC Certification Training
- Posted: 1 September 2009 11:46:18

Today, more than ever, employers must be in a position to demonstrate due diligence by having proof that, given the circumstances,

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Bulletin 126 August 2009 Conduct Fire Drills Regularly
- Posted: 1 August 2009 12:35:16

Having a fire safety plan and a state of the art fire alarm notification system will mean little if one doesn’t take the time to train

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Bulletin 125 July 2009 Meeting Bare Minimums
- Posted: 1 July 2009 11:48:36

Fire and life safety planning is a critical component of any building. How it is approached, depends on the types of building for which

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Bulletin 124 June 2009 Building Life Safety Essentials
- Posted: 1 June 2009 11:54:23

Although many workers believe that their workplace can continue to provide them with an income during these difficult

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Bulletin 123 May 2009 Fire and Smoke Barriers in Buildings
- Posted: 1 May 2009 12:05:36

For a facility operator to develop an effective fire safety strategy, many factors must be considered. These include the designation

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Bulletin 122 April 2009 Know Your Risk Exposures
- Posted: 1 April 2009 12:03:33

Anyone operating a business, whether it’s home-based, a large industrial operation or a professional services office,

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Bulletin 121 March 2009 True Alarms Verses False Alarms
- Posted: 1 March 2009 12:00:23

What’s your first reaction when you hear a fire alarm? If you respond like the vast majority of the population it is probably

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Bulletin 120 February 2009 Property Management Responsibilities
- Posted: 1 February 2009 12:18:47

One of the questions most frequently asked by building occupants of residential complexes and commercial structures is who is actually responsible for safety

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Bulletin 119 January 2009 Propane Explosion Makes People Think About Safety
- Posted: 1 January 2009 12:08:54

The recent propane fire and explosion in Toronto has made us all stop and think about propane safety, whether it’s using our BBQ,

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Bulletin 118 December 2008 Workplace Space Heaters
- Posted: 1 December 2008 12:13:27

Now that Mother Nature is introducing its wave of cold weather, workplaces are shifting from cooling to heating the building environment.

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Bulletin 117 November 2008 What is Hazmat?
- Posted: 1 November 2008 12:16:12

Hazmat is a term representing Hazardous Material such as any solid, liquid or gas that can harm people or the environment.

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