Bulletin 271 December 2021 Fire Safety Plan Provisions
- Posted at: 1 December 2021 15:57:11

Fire safety plans are designed to minimize the threats associated with building fire evacuations, and to provide occupants with safety directives as these emergencies arise. Each plan describes advance fire safety measures, supervisory staff duties, and guidelines to ensure the effectiveness and full utilization of the fire and life safety features installed in the building. …

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Bulletin 270 November 2021 Building Fire Separation and Closures
- Posted at: 12 November 2021 17:02:12

It is not uncommon for fire officials to periodically visit buildings to ensure that the required checks, inspections and tests are being carried out as outlined in the city approved fire safety plan. As per the fire code, there are specific mandatory requirements for checking, inspecting and testing the fire safety equipment in buildings, as …

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Bulletin 269 October 2021 Fire Safety Manuals
- Posted at: 4 October 2021 21:26:53

A fire safety plan is considered by most property managers as being one of their most valued go to manuals. It is one of the most comprehensive fire safety documents for the building and will be referenced continually throughout the year. Although newly created or existing fire safety plans bear the stamp of approval by …

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Bulletin 268 September 2021 – Building Floor Warden Roles & Responsibilities
- Posted at: 8 September 2021 20:52:00

It would be very convenient if occupants of all buildings could follow the same set of fire evacuation procedures when the fire alarm system sounds in the building. While there are common elements in all fire evacuations, the actual procedures are always customized for each building. This is because there is such a diverse range …

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Bulletin 267 August 2021 Identifying Building Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
- Posted at: 2 August 2021 07:12:31

From establishing the safe haven areas for evacuees, outlining the locations of the emergency shutdowns for

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