February 2021 Bulletin 261 Emergency Evacuation Readiness in a Building
- Posted at: September 25, 2021 02:43:20

as per the fire code. This ensures readiness to deal with an emergency evacuation when the need arises. Fire code regulations do identify the importance of maintaining a clear path so as to provide all occupants with adequate means of escape, as well as sufficient emergency lighting units to illuminate all building exit routes. An in-depth maintenance program for the fire and life safety systems, as well the equipment such as extinguishers, fire hoses, etc, is also outlined in the approved plan. The elected building supervisory personnel are to be familiar with the outside assembly areas (also known as muster points) which are strategically marked on the site plan drawings. As evacuees gather at the muster points, the building supervisor or other designated emergency management personnel will be able to execute a roll-call and identify missing evacuees to the city fire services arriving at the scene. If there are any occupants with hearing / visual impairment, physical limitations, or who are wheelchair-bound, special procedures for each of these persons are described in the approved fire safety plan.

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