Bulletin 168 February 2013 Fire Drills and Floor Warden Training Programs
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As management-elected and trained volunteers, fire wardens ensure that occupants in an assigned area evacuate the building or are positioned in a safe haven area. The fire wardens are to walk through their assigned areas on their way out of the building, looking for occupants who have not evacuated. Fire wardens are not to place themselves in danger during this process. If fire and/or smoke are observed, wardens are to leave the building immediately. In the event that an occupant is unable to be evacuated from the building, the fire warden shall assist that individual to a safe area.Although your building’s fire safety plan outlines the roles of the fire wardens, it is critical to identify personnel who can fulfill specific roles and responsibilities, and to ensure that they are fully trained.It is best to form an efficient and effective team that will respond quickly when called upon, and who are prepared to take the simplest approach in an evacuation. Building operators should keep in mind that an emergency scenario does not require complicated routines or main team members who perform duplicate or unnecessary tasks. Each fire warden’s responsibility is strictly to assist building occupants to evacuate safely, effectively and efficiently within a matter of minutes.It is critical for fire wardens to become familiar with the procedures that are specific to their building’s fire alarm system. This requires a training session customized according to your fire safety plan. Our extensive programs provide fire wardens with assistance in reviewing and becoming familiar with the sectional contents of their fire safety plan. This includes a discussion of the fire alarm panel sequence of operations, the first and second stage alarms and their associated audible signals, and the related duties to be carried out at each stage during a fire emergency.It is equally important to review the floor plan layouts, means of egress and the evacuation procedures required during a secondstage fire alarm signal.We assist in the creation ofupdatedlists of occupants with physical disabilities,including those with visual impairment, various degrees of hearing loss, restricted mobility or a debilitating medical condition requiring assistance during an evacuation.

Each 2-hour training session isconducted with fire wardens, supervisory staff, and management personnel of the building. It includes a presentation on fire drill evacuation procedures, pre-planning measures for a fire event, occupant search methods and the safe haven review. All trainees are brought up to date on the escort procedures required for the special-needs individuals, and pull-station activation procedures. Our sessions include a question period, and discussion on corrective measures required to complete a successful evacuation.For our fire drill program, we provide an opportunity for real practical training in emergency evacuation procedures, and the correct use of exit facilities by building occupants. Trainees are engaged in the pre-notifications given to the fire department, activation of the fire alarm system, evacuee count at safe haven area(s) and the “all clear” building re-entry notification. Upon completion of the fire drill, all personnel with delegated responsibilities attend a debriefing to report on their actions, the reactions of the occupants, observations, and recommendations to improve the evacuation process.

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