Draft Bulletin 147 May 2011 Security & Assets
- Posted at: September 25, 2021 03:22:04

Industrial security is one of the services that is necessary to safeguard people and property. Methods of protection include manual door locks, electronic locks, alarm systems, fencing, lighting, security cameras and security guards. The objective is to identify the vulnerabilities and exposure of your company, how best to protect it and at what cost. In today’s environment of fiscal restraint, every penny counts and the hiring of full-time security guards may not be within your budget. If you do foresee a need to hire security personnel, do some research through an independent consultant. This will help to determine how many guards you will require and what specific training they must have to meet your requirements. Many security companies offer a host of services such as Executive Protection, Parking Enforcement, Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response, Loss Prevention Agents, Employee Escorts, Openings & Closings, Special Event Security or Armed Escort. You should also have the consultant do a cost/benefit comparison between hiring in-house guards and external security company personnel. Included in the comparison will be the pros and cons of each arrangement. In-house staff can be trained to perform functions not normally provided by an outside service. On the other hand, outside services may provide cost containment and the flexibility to quickly adapt to your service requirements, especially when replacement or additional personnel are needed at a moment’s notice. In either case, be specific about what is required. Most provinces have established guidelines and minimum requirements for Security Guards: you must ensure that prospective security personnel have completed courses and met these requirements before you commit to hiring either outside contractors or your own staff.

The consultant should take into account any specific threat or risk assessment, as well as the standard asset and personal protection measures based on his and your analysis. Do not assume that the consultant knows everything about security in relation to your facility or the way you conduct business. Your knowledge of your current security measures will avoid the obtaining of services you may not need. Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but is an overall strategy that must meet each organization’s threats, objectives, and potential growth. Begin with an Assessment and Audit. This will help develop a plan to address your organization’s particular areas of vulnerability, and work towards a program recommendation that is right for your business. The Assessment and Audit provides you with the information required to incorporate personnel selection, equipment, training, and scheduling into a comprehensive program that will meet your budget. Alarm systems have come a long way since the original “wired” systems that were installed years ago. The latest technology now offers “High Speed Internet Monitoring”. Instead of sending a signal to a central station through a dial-up modem, security systems can now be connected directly via a broadband internet connection. Alarm signals can now be transmitted to the central station within milliseconds instead of minutes. Many existing older systems are easily upgraded to Internet Monitoring as needed. The increased general availability of high speed internet has made Internet Monitoring a more valuable and viable service for users of security systems.

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