Firepoint’s approved fire safety plans are customized by design, enabling building managers to fully implement specified fire code requirements with confidence and ensure emergency supervisory personnel are familiar with each building’s fire plan in the event a fire emergency occur in the premises.

Firepoint provides building operators and managers with a turnkey program which includes developing their fire safety plan and the floor plan evacuation maps, managing its submission to the City Fire Services and follow through to its point of approval.

Firepoint issues a license number for each newly developed client firesafety plan for managing copyright permissions.

Firepoint’s fire safety plan platform, once implemented, offers building management teams a strategy to maximize the effective evacuations of occupants. In addition, it provides fire responders with the critical building fundamentals as they negotiate the building during a fire emergency.

Firepoint offers our free monthly fire safety planning bulletin which contains articles on methods to implement and update the building’s fire safety plan.

Firepoint supplies clients with an editable working copy of their approvedfire safety plan for future updating and printing.

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